Corona Virus and Disabled Lift

Corona Virus and Disabled Lift
Due to the corona virus, which became the scourge of the whole world in 2020, all humanity suffered deep injuries and continues to get it; he has lost a lot and gives. We hope that humanity will get rid of this trouble in a very short time.

As the virus started to spread, people started to doubt whether I could get the virus. Masks were worn, gloves were worn, disinfectants were used, and maximum attention was paid to hygiene.

People began to wonder that they would get the virus from the places they touched while buying products and using public transportation. They want to buy virus-clean products, especially when buying products. For this reason, when they are going to order a stair lift, they want the elevator not to be especially made in China, they definitely do not accept Chinese goods.

They do not want any virus suspicion in the stair lift they ordered because of necessity because maybe an elderly patient will use this elevator and they may already be people with low immunity to corona virus resistance. For this reason, they want the stair lifts to be the production of a factory that has been checked for quality throughout the entire production, and that the personnel in all departments working in production have been checked.

Extrema company in Italy is one of the leading manufacturers of disabled lifts in the world. One of the reasons why Extrema is a big brand of disabled elevator is that all personnel are periodically checked for health, care about quality, hygiene at every point of production and they are aware that they produce health products.

We would like to point out that the health check-ups of their personnel are also carried out before the corona virus event.

Here we tried to provide information about our Corona virus and disabled lift products. Therefore, we would like to state that our customers who will purchase our Extrema products do not have any questions in their minds and can safely purchase our products.

Corona Virus and Disabled Lift