Platform Disabled Stair Lift — ALYA

Model: ALYA Platformed Disabled Stair Lift

ALYA Stair Lift is designed for patients who are suitable for indoor and outdoor use developed for straight stairs, elderly, people with walking difficulties and who have difficulty walking up and down stairs.

Alya, which is a stair-edge disabled elevator models, is an excellent platform disabled stair lift that can take energy supply over rails, move with double rail technology and use it in private and public areas with heavy traffic.

With the manual and automatic foldable platform, after the platform is folded, the stairs are completely up to you.

With its mobile application, it provides access to all comfort settings via mobile phones.

With the Android application, you can see all errors and malfunctions on the Alya Stair lift.

Multi-language VSR voice assistant guides you to use your Stair Lift more easily.

Fully compatible with ADA PVAG and EU standards, ALYA has EN 81-40 and ISO 9386-2 certificates and is Udem Adriatic certified.

ALYA is safer with Security Barriers

There are safety barriers and ramps that open and close automatically on both sides of the Alya Merdiven platforms. These safety barriers and ramps are locked during the movement of the lift, and only the side on which the lift will land and board is opened at the lower and upper stop points. It stops the platform lift when there are any obstacles with the sensors on the security ramps on both sides of the platform and at the bottom of the platform.

ALYA Stair type platform lifts that we produce with Industry 4.0 technology are equipped with anti-crush and anti-break safety measures.

Model: ALYA
Manufacturer: Devas
Distributor and Assembly Firm: LiftArt
Origin: Turkish Made

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