Disabled Lift Prices

Disabled Lift Price
Prices for platform stair lift or platform disabled disabled lift or stair type disabled platform lift Prices may vary depending on some conditions and options; Prices are for information purposes only.
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The average of 5,000 – 7,000 euros for 1 floor flat stairs (such as high entrance). (for indoor)

The stair lift price for 1 floor “L” or “U” shaped stairs is around 9,500 – 12,500 euro on average.

The stair lift price for 2-floor “U” shaped stairs is around 12,500 – 18,000 euro on average.

The stair lift price for 3 floors “U” shaped stairs is around 18.000 – 25.500 euro on average.

The stair lift price for 4 floors “U” shaped staircase is on average 25,500 – 33,000 euro.

The stair lift price for 5 floors “U” shaped staircase is approximately 33.000 – 40.000 euro.

The price of outdoor stair lift for 1 floor and 5 m rail length for high entrance or flat type stairs is around 5.500 – 7.500 euro on average.

Note: Disabled lift prices may vary according to the lift model, type, mounting location, rail length, number of turns, parking points (parking stop), carrying capacity and some other features that the user needs.