Lifestyle Home Lift

Lifestyle Home Lift

When stairs become too much, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the ideal solution for staying in your home. Designed by our team of experts using the latest technology, the Lifestyle Lift makes your life that little bit easier. Stay near your loved ones, in the house and neighbourhood where you have always felt at home in. The Lifestyle Home Lift will look great in your home, letting you keep your staircase unobstructed.

Brand: Terry
Model: LifeStyle
Made in: England
General Distributor for Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria: LiftArt

Technicial Specifications:
Working System: Hydraulic
Travel: max 360 cm
Lift Shaft: 115×85 cm
Door Width: 606 mm
Capacity: 250 kg
Mounting Time: Several days
Fire protection between floors: Standard
CE-marked and compliant to BS59000:2012, Manufactured in the UK by an ISO9001:2015 quality certificated manufacturer

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