Makas Platform Asansör – Vega Scissors


A robust and versatile, to overcome level differences up to two metres.

A robust and versatile Vimec platform lift, ideal for wheelchair users and others to overcome level differences of up to two metres in height.

Suitable for both interior and exterior installations, the product is available with different platform sizes and is ideal for disabled persons and seniors in the home, the office or public premises.

With a range of customizable platforms

Looking for a platform lift to overcome a level difference or trench of up to 2 metres?

Designers (architects, building experts, surveyors and engineers) frequently recommend vertical lifting systems as a solution to overcome existing architectural barriers, like the Steppy platform lift which has already been installed in dozens of showrooms and exhibition areas apart from in the home.

This solution is suitable also for access to stores, offices or other public premises, thanks to its ability to overcome level differences of up to 2 metres.

Brand: Vimec
Model: Steppy
Made in: Italy
General Distributor for Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria: LiftArt

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